ALCAD Flooded Ni-Cd LCE P Range

Alcad have nearly 100 years’ experience in the development and manufacture of pocket plate cells and batteries. Today, they offer the widest range of high quality nickel-cadmium batteries available throughout the world and this publication details the Single Cell ranges of pocket plate products.


Alcad nickel-cadmium batteries are the battery of choice for many applications. Their outstanding features are:

  • operation over a temperature range between –20°C to +50°C (–4˚F to +122˚F), with extremes of – 50°C to +70°C (–58˚F to +158˚F) for short periods
  • life in excess of 25 years in many applications
  • good performance at low temperatures
  • resistance to high temperature ageing
  • resistance to electrical abuse
  • resistance to shock and vibration
  • simple maintenance
  • low installation cost
  • low life-cycle cost
The major design features of the Alcad Single Cell ranges:
  • fully welded internal construction of steel components
  • strong welded polypropylene containers as standard
  • flame retardant welded containers, as option
  • flip-top flame arresting vents as standard
Alcad supports these Single Cell ranges with:
  • quality approved manufacture to ISO 9001
  • Single Cell batteries have been developed in line with the safety requirements of EN-50272-2 and components used (such as insulated cable connectors and end lug covers) are defined to ensure high protection against electric shocks (IP2 level).
  • full recycling service to protect the environment
The Alcad Single Cell ranges meet, and exceed, the requirements of the IEC 60623 standard.