Sonnenschein Solar

Sonnenschein Solar Specifications

Solar Specifications:

Solar - Safe storage capacity for renewable energy.

The compact alternative for smaller solar applications. Sonnenschein Solar batteries are specially designed for small to medium performance requirements in consumer and industrial applications. The advantages of the maintenance free VRLA batteries are enhanced by the worldwide high reputation and technical image of the dryfit technology. Typical applications are weekend and holiday houses without mains supply, street solar stations, information signs, parking meters, wireless emergency phone boxes and also other safety equipment power supplies.

Solar Block - Safe power supply for medium performance.

The Sonnenschein Solar Bloc battery range is very powerful and reliable in rough application conditions. As well as for use in private areas like holiday and weekend houses with more consumer terminals, this range is the ideal energy source for medium industrial solar systems, small solar and wind powerstations, offshore buoys, yachts and measuring stations as well as for other safety equipment power supplies.

A600 Solar - Power for high capacity requirements.

Sonnenschein A 600 Solar batteries are developed for medium to large solar powered applications. The recyclability and long storage life without recharge makes this environmentally friendly solar battery system absolutely recommendable for various requirement profiles. Typical applications for these maintenance free VRLA batteries with successful dryfit technology, are solar and wind power stations, power distribution companies, telecommunications, railways and many other safety equipment power supplies.

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A600 Solar

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